Wednesday, 17 October 2012


1. Hydra Vein - Rather Death Than False of Faith
2. Snyper - Sacred Blade
3. War Dance - Officially Pronounced Dead
4. Lamedos Riil - Snow White And The Seven Axemen
5. Pendemia - Malignant Decay
6. War Dance - Against The Grain
7. Pendemia - The Drowning
8. Lamedos Riil - Tales From Toyland
9. Hydra Vein - Crucifier
10. Snyper - Deathrite At Sunset

I was looking for this LP so I could upload my own sleeve pics, and it turns out I've lost it. Huh!!! So I've once again blagged a pic from Encyclopaedia Metallum to go with the rip Brew sorted out for me awhile back. Dumped a pile of records on him a few years before I got regular access to a vinyl-rip-turntable-thing, will be uploading some of those in the nearer future.

This is a decent compilation of underground British thrash bands active around the late 80s, early 90s. Apart from Hydra Vein, these songs seem to have been taken from bands' demos released the previous year. The recordings are good quality for demos and the songs are typical but pretty strong throughout. Released on C.M.F.T. who handled a few underground British thrash bands; released a few of the Snyper demos and put out Pendemia's album the following year. I bought this nearly seven years ago off the guy who ran C.M.F.T. and later did vocals for Snyper on their Something Illusionary demo; also got the cassette version of this compilation (different bands y'see) and a bunch of demos from bands that appeared on A Taste of Armageddon. Those tapes will be uploaded in the farther future once I've sorted out cassette ripping!

TRIVIA: Seems like War Dance were formed by Gizz Butt after he was in English Dogs, dude's now playing bass in Skyclad. Well huh, that's pretty cool. I like it when you find out some folks from these oldschool releases are still living the dream.

After you've downloaded check out the bands Brew plays bass for - Cachexic and Lockerlsudge, then get down to the gigs!

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