Wednesday, 17 October 2012

VIO-LENCE They Just Keep Killing 2003

(another rip by Brew)

Now we're thrashing!! Vio-Lence have been a favourite since I bought Eternal Nightmare on cassette (and hence dirt cheap) at the local market ages back. Yeah, thrash at the market, go figure. Whatever musical phase I might be in, and no matter how much hippy music I listen to, I can't get sick of it. The literal violence in the music is hard to match, and there's something unique about hearing Sean Killian's vocals. Before I knew the words those vocals were a chaotic mess, perfect for the cacophony behind them; the odd desphirable lyric here and there were exciting clues to the fucked up lyrical themes, and now I know the words like everyone else it's safe to say that's some fucked up stuff!

So after a couple of years of that I heard that Vio-Lence were making a DVD and putting out this 7" to raise some funds for it. Fukkyea I had to have it! Paraplegic is a load of Frankie Boyle-style fun, and I think Breed Like Rats is pretty cool, gang-vocals y'know. All-in-all a great musical Fuck You to everyone demanding compromise off you, and definitely one of my personal favourite uploads.

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