Tuesday, 13 November 2012

John Peel HARDCORE HOLOCAUST (87 - 88 sessions)

(from the massive pile of albums I got Brew to rip, cheers fella)

1. Stupids - Heard It All Before
2. Stupids - Dog Log
3. Electro Hippies - Sheep
4. Electro Hippies - Chickens
5. Electro Hippes - Mother
6. Extreme Noise Terror - False Profit
7. Extreme Noise Terror - Another Nail In The Coffin
8. Extreme Noise Terror - Carry On Screaming
9. Extreme Noise Terror - Conned Through Life
10. Bolt Thrower - Attack In The Aftermath
11. Bolt Thrower - Psychological Warfare
12. Intense Degree - Skate Bored
13. Intense Degree - Intense Degree
14. Intense Degree - Day Dreams
15. Intense Degree - Bursting
16. Unseen Terror - Voice Your Opinion
17. Napalm Death - Moral Crusade
18. Napalm Death - MAD
19. Napalm Death - Divine Death
20. Napalm Death - Control
21. Doctor And The Crippens - Pink Machine Gun
22. Doctor And The Crippens - The Garden Centre Murders
23. Doctor And The Crippens - Skin Tight
24. Doom - Exploitation
25. Doom - No Religion

I got Hardcore Holocaust about I-don't-know-how-many years ago as an xmas present from my Metal Mongrel товарищ Chris, and I still gotta say, damn good choice with this record! It's a good album to have considering these grind/really-'evvy-punk (I think they call it Crust) bands are just off the radar from what I usually listen to. At the time I was only familiar with Bolt Thrower, and only generally aware of Napalm Death, and that's still pretty much the case. I saw The Stupids in Kingston-Upon-Thames a few years ago (inbetween AC/DC and Death Angel gigs, helluva weekend!) then remembered they were on this album awhile later; they were good-humoured fun live and on record, 20 years apart.

I'd recommend this to anyone as unfamiliar with the bands as I am, there's a variety of extremities and no band sounds too similar to another. Extreme Noise Terror have a particularly aggressive sound and style, with ridiculous vocals and an evil sounding bass. Unseen Terror have a cool trebly fuzz guitar sound that I enjoy enough to write this sentence. My favourite bands here are Bolt Thrower and Electro Hippes, Sheep still the undoubted favourite song. Such a laff! I bought me a copy of their album The Only Good Punk Is A Dead One off the back of this, but the band sounded completely different and, now I think about it, that record's been hidden away for awhile. Should dig it out and check.

For now, download, enjoy.


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