Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Once a fortnight seems normal to update this thing, it's worked out that way by accident rather than design. I have some old demos I'll upload at some point, and some of my own vinyl rips that I feel deserve a proper writeup before I upload them. For now, here's what I thought about my last Big Gigs of this year. None of the photos I've got to go with them are good, but they're mine and it doesn't matter.

Saturday's gig at the Black Heart in Camden, London was a last minute decision for myself. I was on the bus to another gig, with a friend who was going to the Black Heart and doing a good job of selling that show to me. I decided I'd have a better night if I picked new bands and a new venue over those I'd seen multiple times...a few hundred yards from the bus stop nearest the venue. Oh, you can plan all you want, but sometimes you scrap it all just because it's fun to.

I'd been disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see Amulet at next year's BroFest, so that was a strong draw to get me off the bus. Good setup to the night so far - the Black Heart was dingy but felt alright (rock fans lurking in the shadows), Stowford Press cider on tap, met a couple of friends-of-a-friend and talked some nonsense about regional accents. Amulet got onstage soon after and confirmed I'd made the right decision. Already the sound was crisp, no technical problems hampered the energy of the music that was matched by the enthusiasm of the kids performing it and the other kids who bolted to the front and soon as the band got onstage. I'd spend more time describing them but I wanna save the words for a review of their record; know that their record makes for a short solid set that brings the best of the NWOBHM into the present day and makes it our generation's own. They had their own hangman onstage in the corner, what a gas! Get to a gig of theirs, buy the record and know that I'm right... it with the other bands too, cos from here things start getting foggy in my mind. Salute and Asomvel brought quality Motörhead worship to the stage, which was ideal, for they were the band that I skipped so I could check out new stuff. We all know the chugging, primitive, LOUD formula; Salute added a bass tone straight out of the sludge bands so popular nowadays, and much gurning. Asomvel had the shoutalong parts nailed, but I didn't know the words so bought a copy of Kamikaze afterwards to work on that. I know it wasn't just the cider making them sound good cos that record's been on nearly every morning since this gig while I've had my porridge, and I can't always be piss drunk on cider before noon...

I had no idea Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell were playing until they were already playing. Or maybe just before, I don't know. By now everything was pure cider fog. I do know that I was amazed by what I heard - other fans of heavy blues/proto-metal will know how the rhythm sections of these bands blow us away and leave us craving more 10min+ bass/drum explosions, and that's pretty much what happened here. I have no idea if they played straight-up songs or went off on crazy improv trips, time was irrelevant by now. I was watching these guys fly over their instruments and I was loving it. Can't fault the guitarist at all, but this bassist was watching the other 2/3 of the stage with keen interest. Will definitely see this band again and get a boogie in...

After the show there were a few drinks at the Devonshire Arms and some Stella & music recs at my mate's place, then passed out for some sleep before Sodom. Great night.  

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