Thursday, 29 November 2012

Live review: ANCIENT ASCENDANT, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, SODOM @ The Underworld 18/11

(where I tell you how much I got shoved around instead of telling you about the set - this is a blog, not a Serious Business magazine! Again the photos are mine and shoddy but there's awesome ones at the Underworld's facebook page)

Gospel of the Horns 
I'd been looking forward to this since the summer, and a day out with my old coursemates in Camden had me in a right good mood for Sodom's show. Understandably I messed up the timing of my arriving at the gig, having to walk all of a few dozen yards from the World's End next door, and only caught the last couple of songs of Ancient Ascendant. What I heard was tight but typical Death Metal, maybe I should've turned up earlier if I wanted surprises. 'Surprise' had definitely been the plan for Gospel of the Horns, who I purposely left off checking out beforehand so I could learn all tonight. No regrets! They're a powerful live band, great sound that reminded me of all the best oldschool extreme metal. Totally fresh to the songs so can't comment in detail, but I loved that power and the folks behind me were already starting to go apeshit.

People going apeshit is what I wanna talk about with Sodom. If you know em you know em; if not, check out Outbreak of Evil for filthy blackened shit, Agent Orange for THRASH, and new stuff for new stuff. They played great; hard to fuck up simple stuff like theirs but I've heard that previous members have (I never noticed so MEH). Angelripper had a couple of mics to potter between and stop the group being stuck rigidly in place, though that would've detracted only ever so slightly from the force of the performance.
Short people at the front of a barrierless stage (ALWAYS how it should be) can just fold over at the waist, whereas a tall bugger like me might've snapped at the thighs if you'd all tried pushing a bit more. Pretty much immediately kids were flying over and into my head from all directions. The lack of band members and effects pedals gave stagedivers plenty of room to get up and get on with their thing. Not quite as bad as Children of Bodom at Wacken 06 when one then two then three bodies would be piled on top of you, but pretty damn close. Got some hefty clouts to the head but no problem - no pain, crap gig.

I'd had front row during GotH but left it for booze and socialising.  It's easy to get close to the front at a gig where everyone's jumping around to let you through; kinda surprised I could get back to my spot, get pushed off then pushed back into it later. At some point I got turned around 180° and we were so tightly packed I couldn't turn around, so I gave up trying and sat onstage for a bit. Should happen more often. Think I got back to my rightful place with a stagedive. At one point I ended up hitting the floor with a bunch of other people and was in that hilarious sitch where people try pulling you up as more people fall on top of you. Later on I spent a good part of the set being crushed as I got pushed to my knees and against the monitor on my left, hanging on to a stage soaked in bottled water and sweat (glad those cables were properly insulated, ha!). Actually painful, but can't complain - gigs where the force of the crowd matches an unstoppable band are the best gigs. It's enough to have a great-sounding band make your ears ring with music that moves you for whatever reason, and I'll settle for that. But you take the best thing and make it better when you include an endorphin-releasing physical workout. The painful parts are like eating hot chillis, but the overall experience of a gig like this is far better. It's my favourite way to spend my leisure time, and I loved this Sunday night.

Was hobbling for two days after this. HA!

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