Friday, 2 November 2012

SACRAMENT Testimony of Apocalypse 1990

(another rip by Brew)

Picked up this one at Download festival 2005, curious about the bible quotes filling the back of the sleeve. That on an album that reeks of THRASH while you're browsing was enough to make me think 'something's different, get this'. Yeah, easily impressed. It's good thrash, but hard to describe cos it's 'just' damn thrash. Short songs, some particularly manic vocals, and occasional gang vocals, so I'm happy. The pace and sometimes hectic vocal delivery means the christian theme of the album will probably be lost on anyone who isn't reading lyrics as they listen, but you get the odd snippet here and there, and it's something a little different I guess. Just not half as fun as catching half a Vio-Lence lyric. I'm liking this more for the 'pace and sometimes hectic vocals' than the words, this is for anyone who likes thrash so damn much they just gotta have another decent album.

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