Saturday, 22 December 2012

BRUTALLICA magazine compilation #6 2004

1. Grabnebelfursten - Abstrakte Wunden Verhaler Schwerter
2. Immemorial - Day of Anger
3. Hell-Born - Brimstone Lakes of Pandemonium
4. Paganizer - Blind Unto Me
5. Mortuary - Elimination
6. Horresco Referens - Gorgeous
7. Yyrkoon - Crystal Light
8. Ingrowing - The Darkness Inverted
9. Isacaarum - G Spot Seppuka
10. Inhumate - Blasted (History of a Dive)
11. Inhumate - The Scorpion
12. Pigsty - Arachnia
13. Rompeprop - Vulcanic Eskimo
14. Collision - Roadkill
15. M.F.G.C.Q.D. - Shit Song
16. Impurity - Masked In Bloodfall
17. Agit8 - Keeping of Matter
18. Debodified - Mass Extinction Agenda
19. Punishment - The Enemies Waiting
20. Byatis - Waiting
21. Detrimentum - Scalestomeasurethemisfortuneofman
22. 7th Nemesis - Entelechy of a Suicide
23. Lust of Decay - Festering Anal Vomit
24. Dehester - ...Hanging From Fuckin' CLoud City of Bespin
25. Dehester - Intergalactic Dejection Battle
26. Serpens Aeon - Circle of Serpens

A flyer in some music purchase I made so long ago got me onto Brutallica magazine. Bought a couple of issues, pretty sure because I recognised a few of the bands from Terrorizer magazine (having given up on Metal Hammer and Kerrang! in disgust by 2002...the former seems to have regained it's dignity, but I don't care for printed zines these days, with one recent exception). Really liked the enthusiasm that came across in the writing. I know this particular sampler made an impact back in the day - I remember Agit8 being my first taste of NOISE and wondering if something had happened to the song, maybe a corrupted music file had been burned to disc by accident? Har har har...but I'd forgotten about it by the time I checked out Stalaggh, which ended the search for Most Extreme Music Ever as it was pointless. Also remembered Debodified...not by name, but because they were the band with the Transformers: The Movie sample so they were cool just for that. Their song stands up pretty well now actually, like the piggy vocals and bass tone.

This has turned out to be a really good compilation to rediscover for the first time years, I think. Chavdar (Brutallica editor) put together a disc that would make any professional magazine proud. There's a good mix of extreme metal, with few bands falling too firmly into the Black or Death pigeonholes. Lots of crossover, with some Grindcore influences to be heard on some songs, methinks. Plenty of variety and consistent good quality. Some of my favourites are Hell-Born for their blackened melodicism, Inhumate's blackened punk with Death Metal vocals, Pigsty's manic piggy vocals over a damn good song, and Rompeprop's vocals that sound like an original B-movie monster. I thought Dehester would've been a good band to track down, I really like their great retro sound with bits of Noise mixed in. Turns out they only released a three-track demo and two of those are on here. So no need to bother.

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