Thursday, 6 December 2012

FALLEN SKIES Fallen Skies 2003

After some great November gigs it's time to work for The Man to pay for that fun, and size up which gigs I'll be attending next year. In the meantime I'm going through the pile of old CD demos I found, and feel obliged to upload a few so they're not just sitting around here.

This demo reminds me of the German way of doing Heavy Metal. It has the Power Metal trappings; yaaaaoooiiii vocals and "Taste my steel!" amongst the galloping guitars...and keyboards sounding suspiciously like a xylophone on Guardians of the Steel. They get a bit more keyboardy on the other song. This was just a demo, fer crying out loud. I have no idea if these guys sorted out the keys for the full-length they did a few years later - the demo sounds alright otherwise - but it's only two songs so gofer it if you're curious and like that European trad metal sound.

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