Sunday, 23 December 2012


1. Deadborn - Condemned To Perdition
2. Amethyste - I Am
3. Hyonblud - Uo,iECsA
4. Unmerciful - Seething Lividity
5. Convergence From Within - Awaken To The Eternal Black
6. Exhale - Jersinia Pestis
7. Nerlich - Degenerating Process
8. Anal Vomit - Sendero Siniestro
9. Sphere - Of The Martyrdom
10. Abyssal Suffering - Dawn of the Miserable
11. Vermis - Room 1166 (rehearsal)
12. Desecrator - Untitled
13. Desecrator - Untitled
14. Dauntless - Sickest Victory
15. Nihilistikrypt - Rebellion Against Thee
16. Vomepotro - Aborted Fetus
17. Catalyst - A Miracle By Default
18. Extinction Agenda - Creature of Unconscious Design
19. Impureza - Y Corre La Sangre
20. Infanticide - Paint It Red
21. Hutt - Golden Shower
22. Hutt - Dia Normal
23. Hutt - Smells Like Teen Shit
24. Reexamine - Minagoroshi
25. Ossuary - Sex Magik Spell
26. Terrordrome - Prevent The Evolution
27. Blustery Cavaet - Lechery
28. Torso Perversion - Aborted Fetus

Ok, I know about Nihilistic Holocaust distro, because Gabriel seems to have kept my contact details for years, despite me never buying anything from him as far as I'm aware. Once again I have no idea how, why or when I got hold of this. I remember owning it, because once every blue moon a memory pops into my head, 'remember that random CD you got that had the Chinese band with the vocalist that sounded like a pig?'. After digging this out and taking a moment for the name - Fornicate The Cubic Sterility HA! - to click, it turns out this is a pretty good compilation! I have no idea if Gabriel distributed some of these bands or just threw this together out of love, but he picked a good batch of extreme metal. If those Brutallica compilations worked, or you're just curious, give this a listen and then check out Nihilistic Holocaust. Give G a holla, sure he'll be happy to hear from you.

EDIT 04-02-14 Pretty sure I know how I got this comp! Probably bundled with Bleeding The Fist split. Check out these pics from the homemade booklet from that D.I.Y-as-fuck split, it's no wonder I took to this distro.

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