Friday, 7 December 2012

SPELLGATE Legends of Ardigm 2002

I thought it made sense to get the other non-metal upload out of the way before I move on to some seriously heavy demos. I remember the press release for this saying this demo had elements of metal, or the spirit of metal or something conveyed through a different style. I remember thinking that that was just an angle to hook us Power Metal fans into taking an interest - fair enough, I'm always banging on about how the blues frequently has a Heavy Metal energy far heavier than most metal bands. But I still stand by my initial impression; uptempo drums alone do not make for metal, and that angle was a bit misleading. I'd say this is for people who like music and can't be bothered with finding labels, like I can't right now. I need to give credit for the decent female vocals and strong sense of melody in these songs. All three songs are keyboard-based,  Curse of Malgei sounding somewhat 16-bit (always a compliment) and Najaeti Star doing that Rick Wakeman WOOPWOOPWOOP weird sound. For some reason I'm wondering if this would appeal to fans of Modest Mouse...I can't find my mix CD amongst the piles of loose stuff in here. Maybe I got MM confused with another band. I'd listen on youtube to check, but I've got The Paul Butterfield Band's East-West playing right now and nothing stops that once you push play.
Apparently this was supposed to be the start of a musical storytelling concept about a fantasy land called Ardigm, but it seems after this demo the musicians and the concept vanished in a puff of logic. Bit of a shame, there's potential here if you like this kind of thing.

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