Thursday, 17 January 2013

THE GOURANGA POWERED BAND Clouds of Illusion 2003

Done the oddjobs I'd put off on this blog - uploading pics, reuploading No Fucking Christmas and writing up a brief google investigation for the Anima disc - and here's probably the last CD I'll upload from the pile of old randoms. This one came from Download 2005, when a Kazakh Hare Krishna walked into our tent circle asking "Do you like Monk Rock?". He was trying to hustle money for his temple, community centre, gouranga galleon...I dunno, it's a faint memory now. I have no idea if he was actually Kazakh, or if I actually paid him for the CD. I went on being distracted by all the worldly woes the Hare Krishnas tried to warn us about, and the CD got buried somewhere in the time between then and...soon after I started this blog actually. When I found my old miscellaneous CDs, picked out some to blog, and listened to this for the first time.

AGAIN, wish I hadn't waited! After a couple of times listening to these guys sing GOU-RANG-GA GOU-RANG-GA I was wishing this had been done back around 1998, when Grand Theft Auto had come out. Joking aside, I like this CD. It's pretty lo-fi, garage. Nobody's skilled at what they do and there's no reason you should be bothered. A lot of chugging two/three-chord riffs and blokes chanting HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA GOURANGA GOURANGA, and that's why it's fun! There's some proper lyrics dotted around, but I came for the Hare Krishnas and stayed for the Gourangas. The songs are long and on the right side of repetitive - you gotta lose yourself in the mantras!

I have no other info about this band, except that they are from Scotland and seem to have done a bunch more albums. Guess I'm sorted for my next session of youtube procrastinating, starting now. 

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