Tuesday, 19 February 2013

BRUTALLICA magazine #12 2007

Found this when I was rummaging through my old mags after I'd uploaded the cover-mounted compilations the other month. Still haven't found the CD from this one though, for shame.

I got a couple of issues of Brutallica a couple of years before this one came out, probably after finding a flyer in one of my parcels. No wonder I came back to it again in 2007. Same thing going on as Metallic Warlust zine - infectious enthusiasm from someone who seems to know their part of the scene better than you ever will - but in glossy magazine form. This was a great way to check out new bands, with a range of new bands, upcoming bands, the long established and recently reformed. Amongst the newer bands (new in 2006/7) there's an even spread between bands that are still active and those that are dormant. There's an emphasis on Death Metal bands from Illinois - a thriving extreme metal scene is another reason to visit Chicago - but the editor also included a geographical range of bands to keep things interesting. The interviews are generally pretty interesting, apart from constantly asking American bands what they think of Bush/War on Terror; Chavdar went to town with his Impetigo inty and it made a good read for me, who still needs to listen to them someday if I can be bothered.

The editor's called Chavdar. I love that. In my town we all have chavdars - our eyes, ears and noses.

Some words have been lost in the spine during scanning, but you'll still be able to make sense of things and that problem didn't stop me enjoying Brimstone zine - cos in all fairness, very little goes down the spine in the one issue he's put out so far. I'll keep plugging Brimstone past the next issue until it turns crap. In the meantime, enjoy Brutallica if you wanna check out some bands you might have missed. I thought this mag might be still going, but it seems the last issue was the one after this, published in 2008. Sucks!


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