Tuesday, 26 February 2013

KERRANG! magazines #6 #7 #25 1981 - 82

There's been a lack of updates recently while my band - Johnny Love - prepares for its first gig. I should have some new music from us to post soon, in the meantime I'm halfway through putting up these magazine scans. Later next month there'll be some real good vinyl and tape rips being uploaded.

Reuploaded this as it belated occurred to me that linking all these mags separately would be daft. 

I couldn't resist picking up some of these old Kerrang!s around 10-11 years ago. Simply out of curiosity about what this mag was like in it's early days when the metal scene was so different. If you scorn modern Kerrang! for covering so many insipid and unmetal bands, you might look at the bands listed on that cover and think "nuffins changed". Except you won't because, like me, you scorn modern insipid bands for not sounding like old insipid bands.
But I read back through this thing and am wow'd at how perceptions of heavy music must have changed when Thrash and then Death Metal began coming about. I remember seeing an old Kerrang! with VENOM! and MARK KNOPFLER! on the cover, which was awesome, but I doubt they were still covering Triumph and Heart alongside Bathory and Sodom as the years rolled on. You see who was held in high regard at this time and appreciate how groundshaking the NWOBHM would have been, and what a shock the extreme metal bands would have been to people who still held Sammy Hagar in regard as a Heavy Metaller. I find it great seeing Stevie Nicks referred to as a 'HM star' considering she's part of my 'Honourary Metal' brigade.
The mag isn't as thin as content as it could be, as despite the multitude of ads and posters, the interviews and articles are written in tiny font to get a decent amount of info onto two pages. They're generally of decent quality, but I think Graham Bonnet got ripped off with his feature. The letters pages of these old mags are a hoot too,

"So, come on now, forget the nugget and bullshit posers (e.g. Saxon, Vardis, Iron Maiden, and other NWOBHM, Triumph, Kiss and all that American SHIT!!!)"...from a letter demanding more coverage of Hawkwind, for fuck's sake.


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