Monday, 18 February 2013


cover image stolen from the Metallic Warlust site

This must have been included with a trade or purchase I made back in the day. I had a couple of homemade zines given to me as part of an unspoken 'buy anything get something else free' arrangement, underground labels and distros can be awesome like that. The other zine was a barely readable mess, and probably had something to do with me getting the idea that I could write about music, but Metallic Warlust turned out to be a good read when it came out of the Pile Of Things Neglected For Years. 
The two guys working on this got a lot of decent, lengthy interviews with some really good underground bands, and the youthful enthusiasm is a charm. Sucks that it turns out it only ran for two issues. 10 years after getting this it was really cool reintroducing myself to Order From Chaos and Krisiun - OFC were promoting their Will To Power EP when they did their from-the-archives interview, and that turned out to be awesome. Seems these guys had a really good handle on the underground scene, as a lot of the bands interviewed are still going. This issue caught Centurian soon before they broke up, and Kvlt ov Azazel soon after they'd started...and now Centurian are reformed and released a new album just three weeks ago! Nice job making a zine that's stayed relevant ten years on! It's also amusing reading the new guy in Agiel dealing with the editor's opening salvo of criticism. There's a whole bunch of album reviews too.

The scan is real dark so the low quality photos have been turned into no quality photos. Also the pages are at an angle, so you may prefer to be drunk while reading it. Give Brew and I a massive crate of beer and pizza, and we'll do a pro job of scanning next time.

Any decent homemade print zines around these days? Fukkyeah. Brimstone zine.  

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