Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Excuses for being slow on the blog updates! Life has turned hectic lately, so any review of any genre has been put off, but I'm getting my spare time back so more content will be coming. The other excuse is that I'm being very stubborn about the order I publish things on here, so I can get a good mix of genres going. In the meantime, some news,

First of all, Brew is getting formally involved in Wooden Bowl blog. It made sense, seeing as he's enabled a lot of the content with his ripping and scanning, and despite having access to a vinyl conversion turntable I prefer to bring my records to Brew's cos it's more sociable. I'm blagging the reviews from his blog Milk w/ One, and maybe he'll write more in future. I told him, "When you want, if you want", you can tell this blog is pretty casual.

Second, I've begun writing for where I'll be trying to write a bit more po-faced than I do on here. Hopefully. Only got one review up so far - local guys WarCrab who must be checked out - so it could all go disastrously after that. Fucknose when I'll have more than one review one there but keep tabs on the site, I've been following it regularly since November and they got a good bunch of volunteer writers.

Finally, my band Johnny Love has come to life and begun gigging. My mate Chris & I have been jamming together for years, snatching what time we could between pain-in-the-ass jobs. We made a regular thing of it from September 2010 and spent the following two years trying to recruit other members, with no success apart from our drummer Alex joining in January last year. This January we got ourselves a singer, and recruited a keyboard player about two weeks ago. Still very early days as a complete unit, but you can hear us rehearsing the set for our first gig on my soundcloud page, and there might be one other live appearance while we bring our newest member up to speed. Very early days still, but watch those spaces.

I'm gonna steal Brew's reviews then work on some of my own! Laters!

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