Monday, 4 March 2013

BRUTALLICA magazine #10 2005

from the zine's defunct myspace page

For the 10th-issue anniversary Chavdar (the editor) rammed the pages with underground Death Metal interviews. Interviews with well-known bands Darkthrone, Obituary and My Dying Bride seem somewhat perfunctory (though a Darkthrone interview never fails to amuse), but the really interesting stuff is saved for bands like Ek, Deny The Urge and Psychotogen who generally were just breaking out and getting known. Other genres got brief representation in the mag (including an interview with Tommy Ilmarinen which really broke the mag's mould) but are showcased more on the two cover-mounted of which I've lost. But between the mag and just one of the CDs, you get a brilliant attempt at a mag that can please all kinds of underground metal fans. Also included is a review of 2004's Summer Breeze and a debut album by Godus called Hell Fuck Demon Sound AWESOME. 
Brutallica seems to have folded now, so singing its praises has come too late, but at the very least you can download this and see a high standard of supporting the underground set by a guy in Bulgaria.

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