Thursday, 21 March 2013

FUKPIG / KROH split 2012

Another Brew review.

With Paul Kenney handling music and ‘Drunk’ handling the vocals, Fukpig define themselves as ‘Necropunk’ and are based in Birmingham. Their side of this split takes the fast and aggressive approach, brutalising your eardrums using a formula of grindcore, black metal, death metal and an industrial sized portion of crunch. Occasionally the brutality is enhanced by short atmospheric synth sections which prevents this side of the split from being a pure wall of noise and adds a unique flavour to the blend of genres.

Everything about this sound is crunchy; the guitars are cut-throat and razor sharp, the bass has a deep menacing growl and the vocals are vicious and brutally delivered. The only issue is that occasionally the vocals get lost due to being buried under so much distortion and there isn’t a huge amount of variation in delivery.

Within Fukpigs sound there are elements of bands such as Anaal Nathrakh and Napalm Death and if you’re a fan of either band you should be listening to Fukpig.

On the other side of this yellow slab of wax are Kroh. Paul Kenney handles the music here with Francis Anthony on vocals. Operating out of Birmingham (classified as ‘the home of metal’ on their Facebook page, a statement I completely agree with), Kroh provide an interesting contrast to Fukpig. They have a similar sound to them; the guitars are equally as crunchy and brutal sounding but the overall tone is drenched in doom, an atmosphere created by pounding drums and vocals that at times sound like shimmering icicles.

Krohs side of the split feels more varied and is overall more interesting to listen to. The vocal delivery is more diverse and brings with it plenty of melody that glides over the top of the fierce guitars and hammering drums. The conclusion of this side builds up and progresses into a memorable vocal line that repeats enough times to get stuck in your head and would definitely go down well in a live situation.

Overall this is a very well-produced slab of vinyl, ideal if you’re interested in a variety of music and well worth checking out. Make sure you play it at full volume to really appreciate how disgusting and brutal those guitars sound too.

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