Friday, 22 March 2013

GURT / DOPEFIGHT split 2012

Another review by Brew, keep writing so I don't have to ;D playing records at the wrong speed works well with Bolt Thrower too...

Upon receiving this record in the post I immediately put it on my turntable and forgot to adjust the speed. Hearing Gurt's side of this split played at 33.3rpm is quite possibly the heaviest thing I’d heard in ages, only recently trumped by a recent performance by WarCrab. If you’ve got a copy of this split then I can highly recommend playing the Gurt side at 33.3rpm as it sounds great slowed down, whereas the Dopefight side doesn’t sound quite as good and it was when I flipped the record over that I’d noticed I’d forgotten to change the speed on my turntable.

On this split, Gurt have a sound that fuses elements of blues, early heavy metal, punk and black metal. The opening riff from ‘Soapfeast’ has been stuck in my head since I first listened to it and I’m glad that it features heavily within the track as it’s crushingly heavy and memorable. ‘Dudes With Bears With Cats’ opens with some bass, drums and feedback before launching into a riff that makes you bang your head wherever you happen to be. The vocal delivery is where the black metal element rears its head. Surprisingly though it works well and compliments the grizzly guitar tone. If you found yourself enjoying Kyuss during the 90’s then Gurt are a band you’ll definitely enjoy, raspy vocals and all.

Dopefight. A band who fused elements of early heavy metal, doom metal and punk and ended up creating some good catchy music. While I enjoy listening to Dopefight, I can’t help but feel that they’re overshadowed by Gurt on this split which is unfortunate as their album ‘Buds’ was an excellent release. ‘Stonk’ feels slow to build up but when it gets near the end and the band break out into a jam this is one of the highlights. ‘Green Solace’ opens with a sweet bit of bass and drums and again has a looser feel to it overall. There isn’t a particularly memorable riff or hook though from either track though which renders this side of the split less interesting.

Overall this is definitely a release worth getting hold of. There isn’t a whole lot else to say about this split other than to try to track down a copy as I’m pretty sure they’re close to selling out. If you’re into doom/sludge/stoner music you’ll love both bands. Unfortunately Dopefight are no more, however some of their members have gone on to form War Wolf which I’ve heard good things about so far and I believe that Gurt are just about to release their next EP.


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