Wednesday, 20 March 2013


This review was all Brew's work not mine...

Kicking things off for Milk With One [and Wooden Bowl while I'm still writing new content - Mike] we have a slab of noise from Merciless Precision and Toecutter HC titled 'Noise For Fucks Sake'. One of a few recently received splits which is great because you get two great bands on one slab of vinyl.

On one side of this we have Merciless Precision. Their blend of d-beat and grind is delivered in the usual formula of frantic riffs peppered with heavy sections that are chunkier than your average Toblerone bar and as brutal as being butt-fucked by one. The bass in these slower sections is pretty significant and gives the band a unique edge and is something to listen out for. The drums operate mostly at ludicrous-speed however it makes sure that this unrelenting farmyard noise remains tight and coherent. The vocal delivery is consistently vicious and scathing; when this band calls a celebrity a cunt you know that they mean it.

One the other side of this split we have Toecutter HC. Their overall sound is closer to hardcore with hints and grind and punk. Toecutter play their tracks at a blistering hot pace, their riffs are really fucking catchy and they play with the intensity and ferocity expected of the hardcore/punk genre. Their overall sound in production terms is less vicious than MxPx, but in place of the viciousness there’s more of an old-school vibe to this side of the split that is a good complement to the brutality of Merciless Precisions noise.

Overall this is a release that’s well worth purchasing from either band, it’s well packaged and the linear notes are an amusing read. Make sure you buy a copy if you’ve got any interest at all in grindcore or hardcore, you’ll be doing yourself a favour.

Follow the links below to indulge yourselves with music from both bands.

Merciless Precision
Toecutter HC

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