Friday, 26 April 2013

RESENTMENT At Your Head and Friends of Insanity 1988 - 89

Pics stolen from, tape ripped by Brew.


My last acquirement of music from a band off A Taste of Armageddon - both demos copied to one tape and mailed to me late in 2009. I didn't have a tape player then, just figured I'd be round someone's house sometime who had a tape player and liked Thrash. By the time I remembered I'd been given these tapes, over three years had passed. I didn't hear these demos until two weeks ago. If you think that'd shoddy, I was going through my records the other day and found a couple of singles by the Dan Reed Network which I'd bought and never listened to in about 11 years. Just remembered the I Mother Earth record which got listened to once about that long ago, and hasn't been touched since...fukinel...

These demos are far from original, but they're still pretty good and deserve to be listened to. At Your Head is a bit more primitive, Friends of Insanity has longer songs and more lead work (the quieter part of Violence Is Now - great song - reminded me and at least one friend of Iron Maiden's Strange World), both demos are pretty violent. Effective thrash, fukkyea. 

There's barely any info about this band out there, if anyone knows anything about them (and First Blood and Snyper, for that matter) get in touch!

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