Friday, 26 April 2013

SNYPER Something Illusionary 1990

First Blood are pretty cool, Arbitrater are awesome...another favourite from this niche (along with Metal Messiah) is Snyper. This is their last demo, with a small lineup contraction and change in direction. The earlier demos are more representative and feature lead guitar that give an Iron Maiden/Satan feel - Satan worth namedropping cos of the speed, glorious speed. This demo feels more like thrash crossed with death metal, though the first song feels consistent with the previous stuff. Here's all I can find on youtube,

I couldn't find this demo for download anywhere else, so am uploading it to fill in the gap...which is why it SUCKS that I left it so long to rip this tape. It's certainly not unlistenable, but it's rotted pretty badly, which means you will need some patience and be used to lo-fi recordings to get some joy out of this. I don't blame you if you find the tape popping obnoxious. Oh well...

If all that works for you, check this damn recently, Snyper's unreleased 1991 album has been released on Mosh Tuneage, who also do a good deal with the Metal Messiah album. I'm straight onto those when it's payday, fukkyea!!

Nightmare Reality webzine has reviews for the Manifestations and Obituary demos.

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