Tuesday, 21 May 2013

ALNAMROOD - Jaish Al-Namrood 2013

So I finally bought an album off the back of A Guide To Middle Eastern Black Metal! Jaish Al-Namrood takes a few songs from the band's first EP and album - released around the same time as the song from that compilation - and presents them in remastered form, bringing them up to the production standard of the last two albums.

These songs are consistent with the previous/subsequent albums (fuck, both words are applicable) - furious Black Metal, assisted in its attitude by twisted synth representations of traditional instruments from the band's home, Saudi Arabia. It's a great melding of Byzantine melodies with western and eastern stylisation, also sometimes sounding like some crazy 16-bit game soundtrack. Comes with a good full garage guitar, growling bass, and a St Wanker snare that's surprisingly tolerable when the songs have good riffs, truly angry vocals, and aggravate you the right way. Every instrument bar bass leads parts of the songs, one of the more hysterical being something that's howling away soon after the start of Naqoos Al Khatar. Figures it's a synth, but somehow it's still getting throttled. The remastering has brought out all the noise excellently. For me, the most worthwhile parts are the demented oriental passages, memorable for their melodies and corrupt tone.

I was a couple of months behind, but this EP has been amongst the start of a good year for new albums for me. Al-Namrood are probably still one of the best representatives of their wider region's extreme metal contingent.

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