Tuesday, 4 February 2014

EXODUS - demo with Kirk Hammett 1982

Stolen from metal-archives.com

Long time, internet! Any reason for the silence? Yeah, I lost interest in blogging after I finally settled into a new home last spring. Kept enough interest to do those last few posts, but no more. The band that kept me busy last year is on temporary hiatus, and I've got time on my hands. I dunno if anyone else used to burn everything they downloaded when they were a teenager, some of these are gonna be uploaded before I give the discs to Metallic friends.

First up is Exodus' first demo, their only recording with Kirk Hammet. This is one of those historical curiosities where, in my opinion, the historical aspect is mostly of interest because of the data, rather than the music. It's a fucking great demo, sure, but let's face it - this could be their only demo with Trampy the Tramp, and it wouldn't be any different. If you're listening and going "Omigod I totally hear Kirk's unique style!" I think you need to lay off the bongs. It's remarkable for capturing the youthful exuberance that comes with your first band starting out, and each of these obscure old Exodus songs are pretty damn great. Paul Baloff isn't doing his evil voice yet but sounds like he's having the most fun.

I saw Exodus when they played with Kreator at Slim's back in 2009. One of my strongest memories (besides Robb Flynn running onstage to sing Another Lesson In Violence) is simply the way Gary Holt wore that self-assured smile the whole time he played his local venue. I dunno, it looked like..."People told me I was dumb to do this, should've given up...bunch of wankers! I'm having a great time!". Must be a great feeling, playing the same venue 25 years later and being on top of your game like you were then. Here's where it all started...


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