Monday, 17 February 2014

Live review: THE WIFE BEATERS with SUCK MY CULTURE @ Junction 14/02

Gig season usually kicks in at the stroke of February. This year seems busier than ever. Got a couple of local shows in last month, and this month I'm already seeing good gig weekends, and two or three shows on the same night. This time I popped up to The Junction straight after work to catch a couple of the bands I played with last year. The Junction used to be a pretty safe venue for the rock crowd to enjoy decently priced drinks, and sometimes get a live band too. Things went south for them (and every other venue) around 2009, but they've been back least a year? Two? I only checked it out again at the last Wife Beaters gig there in October, shame on me. £2.80 a beer and live punk music? THIS IS WHAT WE WANT.

Suck My Culture were added as support just a few days before. Which is exactly how Johnny Love got acquainted with them back in August. We had a gig that nobody else wanted or was able to play, so the punks stepped up instead. They're pretty damn primitive, any more primitive and they'd play their instruments by smashing rocks against them. The new songs are still catchy three-chord riff thangs, some of the older ones are pretty well blow-torched into the brain after just a few months (their self-titled song smouldering away in there since the August gig). The set swapped between silly and serious, silly at the end when I finally realised they'd been singing about a Pterodactyl AMP and not a dinosaur-shaped lightpiece after all. Durr me. Can't argue with the anti-Putin ranting, and tbh these days I'm up for a bit of anti-dickhead ranting like I'm a teenager again. Sorry, but the anti-Polish/student/Muslim/jobseeker rants from anyone are tiresome by now, so I'm up for some well-directed rage. That set was some good party music, but methinks it gets a bit more fun when it gets angrier. They probably sound like a really famous punk band.

The Wife Beaters is our drummer's other band. We are definitely not their drummer's other band. He loves both bands equally but, like a mother, clearly loves one more than the other. This shit is primitive again, but like The Ramones, so it's primitive strummy not primitive riffy. So it's also like all those other bands that sound like The Ramones, whose names I'd feel obliged to remember if my mates were playing in em. Of course they sounded great, and I'm not just saying that cos they're my mates. Everything is great when you're eating KFC and listening to Rush, so I did just that while they were playing.
Cos it was Vally Day we got balloons and bubbles down by the stage. I also got some banana beer for the first time in years, damn that's alright! Goofing aside, do think they played one of their best that time. These guys have been settling into the local punk scene pretty well over their last few gigs. Better attendance and crowd response than at our first few gigs together, which I'll put down to both bands being brand new to nearly everyone in the room (only found a few naysayers at those gigs, most politely left early). I had a good time, but I'm not writing a good review for these guys until they give me my free CD >;P

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