Thursday, 13 February 2014

OPPRESSION Violence Will Dominate 2003 where would us pirates be without you?

The only reason I downloaded this was because the band had it out as a free download, and I had a new broadband connection I was eager to use. This demo reeks of Crossover - Thrash riffs, punk brevity, the studded fistfuck of both genres with the odd breakdown thrown in. Recommended for fans of Municipal Waste, Short Sharp Shock and those other crossover bands that got big when the Thrash revival was kicking off about eight years ago.

This demo made enough of an impression for me to buy the Bleeding The Fist spit with Bloody Sign and Deep Vein (all bands on that split are now R.I.P.). A forgettable split that I kept because of one Oppression song, Rise Of The Undead, which I've included here because I can and it's fucking awesome! Might upload that split later. It's not often that an underground band puts out a song that excites your brain as much as the favourite songs by your favourite bands in that genre. Mental song with a great chorus. Sounds like the lineup changed between releases, you'll notice that for sure. Enjoy!

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